Firm tofu

Organic and regular firm tofu: Perfect alternative to cheese or eggs.

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Extra-firm tofu

Organic and regular extra-firm tofu: In strips for fajitas or in cubes for butter tofu, it’s the ideal protein for all your recipes.

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Silken tofu

Organic and regular silken tofu: A silky consistency and a delicate flavour.

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This initiative was born out of respect for the environment and the people around us.

Made from only the finest local, organic and conventional ingredients, our plant-based products are sustainable, delicious and affordable.

When doing things right tastes this good, there’s no reason not to.

Our commitments

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At Soykei, buying local is a matter of principle.
By working closely with our suppliers, we ensure that we offer you the best quality possible. It’s also our way of doing our part to encourage local producers and limit our carbon footprint. All our ingredients are fully traceable.


We proudly display the certifications that make Soykei a respectful and responsible corporate citizen. Committed to redefining food standards, we aim to meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental impact, ethical governance and transparency.


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